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Ariel Venneri

Company and Financial Advisor

Emiliano Zanetta


Martín López


Francisco Puiggari

Notary Public

Raúl Alvarez

Commercial Advisor

Agustina Caro Figueroa

Technical office manager

Liliana Dantas


Luciana Guzzo


Alexis Lamot


Guillermo Gómez Bustillos


Franco Guzzo


Agustina Segovia

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Sol Flaiban


Claudia Martínez

Commercial Advisor

Guillermo Gutiérrez Ruzo


How we work

MAHE was created by a group of professional entrepreneurs who believe it is possible to live the dream of affording your own home in a high-density urban area. The company builds sustainable real estate developments that allow for personal comfort while protecting the environment, all this abiding by high quality and technology standards. MAHE covers all the stages of the development – from identifying a piece of land suitable for the execution of the project, to carrying out studies of technical and economic pre-feasibility, the investors call, the organization and management of contracts in the different stages, its marketing, commercialization and financial management; seeking to achieve attractive and practical projects with our own distinctive touch. In order to achieve these goals, it was necessary to create an interdisciplinary team of architects, accountants, economists, lawyers, communication specialists, human resources specialists, systems analysts and designers, who work together to get the expected result.

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Features of our developments

solar energy

bike garage

rainwater harvesting

low maintenance fees

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