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It is called the great lung. Plaza Irlanda was opened in 1927, five years after the former city hall bought the piece of land to the Asociación Católica Irlandesa (Irish Catholic Association).

It is one of the biggest parks of the city, with 51,874 sq. m.

It is home to about 50 different botanical species, several works of art, different places to practice sports and a playground. The streets surrounding it are Gaona, Donato Álvarez, Neuquén and Seguí.

Plaza Irlanda owes its name to the Irish who made the area grow.


If there is something we are convinced of is our proposal. That is why PH eco 5 will have big rooms illuminated with natural light, and unit with their own terraces and independent grills.

The building will not include unpractical amenities but common areas, such as a bike garage and an object library.

Sticking with sustainability, the building will count with solar panels and water heaters, LED lighting and a rainwater harvesting system, thus keeping maintenance fees really low.

PH eco 5 has 1 commercial unit on the ground floor, a garage for 11 cars in the basement and 11 apartments with 3 and 4 rooms on the upper floors.




  • wb_sunny SOLAR ENERGY

    Solar panels that provide enough energy to power all the lights in the common places of the whole building, thus allowing for more saving and contributing to a cleaner environment.

  • directions_bike BIKE GARAGE

    This area was designed for bike parking and its access is convenient and practical. It counts with individual lockers to keep different kinds of accessories and a special stand for bike maintenance.


    Through an independent system, rainwater is harvested from terraces and gardens, and later reused to clean common areas or the sidewalk.

  • attach_money LOW MAINTENANCE FEES

    Maintenance fees are really low thanks to the use of LED lights in common areas, low-cost materials and technology-driven security. PH eco is a great option for those who prioritize their own space over expensive amenities.


    Through Pheco app, users can book and have available any objects they may need, such as a ladder, a pressure washer, a lawn edger, a drill or even a simple screwdriver or a picnic basket.

  • stay_current_portrait App

    Through an app for electronic devices, each owner can pay the maintenance fees, text the other coowners, watch security cameras, access the plans of each unit, get the regulations of the building or just book an object from the library.

  • wifi WiFi

    All PH eco developments have high-speed internet connection in all indoor and outdoor areas.

  • texture DESIGN

    We design thinking about the modern lifestyle, where the inside and the outside are one balanced, lighted unit, created for those who want to live in the city, but at the same time be in contact with the nature.

  • fingerprint SAFETY

    Access to the building will be through the owner’s fingerprint and/or a magnetic card. Furthermore, the building will count with Wi-Fi cameras in all common areas, so that users can watch them through the App.